2010 Agents Conference — Tidbits Part 11: TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!

ONE day left until the 2010 Agents Conference! Hopefully everyone is as excited and ready as we are! This also means that this is the last day of tidbits on the conference. Since we’ve already highlighted many of the features earlier on in the weekend, it’s time to put a spotlight on the final event of the conference, the Pitch Round Tables and Conference. Although this is the last event for the conference, it’ll be just as insightful and fun as the rest of the conference.

The Pitch Round Tables, held from 10:30 a.m. – Noon, will be your final opportunity to pitch to agents and editors. Bring a micro pitch (no longer than 1 minute!) and make the rounds! No matter who you pitch to, you’ll get valuable feedback. On top of hearing feedback on your pitch, you’ll get the chance to listen to other writers’ pitches as well and learn from them.

Immediately after the Pitch Round Tables, we’ll wrap up the conference by hearing what some of the agents and editors consider to be the key takeaways from this years conference. So make sure to join us for this final part of the 2010 Agents Conference!

We are looking forward to seeing all the conference attendees tomorrow!

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