Letters from the Program Director: Calcium for your Memory Bones

Hello, writers!

As a big reader of memoirs, I find myself in constant admiration of writers that have transformed their lives into literature. Although I know the process isn’t necessarily as seamless as the final product, it’s incredible the way that memoirists look so closely at their lives and create meaning from their experiences.

Now, writing a memoir is not an easy thing to do and getting started is one of the hardest parts. We all have countless experiences that could make for a good story, but problems begin to arise when we’re faced with trying to structure the mess of our memories into a compelling narrative.
That’s why we’re excited to offer the class “Memory Bones: Structuring the Literary Memoir” with M.M. Adjarian on Saturday, May 29. If you’re writing a memoir and you’re not sure where to start, this class is for you.

All the best,
Sam Babiak
Program Director

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