Don’t Miss: Writing Through Difficult Times

WLT On the Writing Life Writing Through Difficult Times with Laekan Zea Kemp Thursday, September 30 8:00 PM CDT live on Zoom

Writing is hard and every author needs the occasional pep talk in order to keep showing up to the blank page. But the past year has been absolutely apocalyptic, the fears that usually lead to fatigue and writer’s block compounded exponentially by daily disasters that never seemed to end. And we’re still in it. Still trying to figure out how to create, how to build an entire mansion on nothing but quick sand. How to stuff our fears and grief and trauma and heartache down deep enough to eke out a few chapters, a few paragraphs, a few words. In this presentation, participants will learn how to reframe their creative practice in order to make it more accessible on difficult days, how to return to writing as a tool for healing, and how grace and grit work in tandem to fuel a creative life.

Join us this Thursday, RSVP here.

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