The 2022 A&E Conference will include literary agents from a notable list of reputable literary agencies.

Erica Bauman represents a wide variety of authors across middle grade, young adult, and commercial adult fiction. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and has worked in the publishing industry since 2012. Prior to Aevitas, she worked at Spectrum Literary Agency. Based in New York, Erica is most interested in commercial novels that feature an exciting premise and lyrical, atmospheric writing; imaginative, genre-blending tales; speculative worlds filled with haunting, quietly wondrous magic; fresh retellings of mythology, ballet, opera, and classic literature; sharply funny rom-coms; graphic novels for all ages; fearless storytellers that tackle big ideas and contemporary issues; and working with and supporting marginalized authors and stories that represent the wide range of humanity.

Erica is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Women’s, Science Fiction/Fantasy; Children’s: YA & MG Fiction (General, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Horror), YA & MG Nonfiction

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Jan Baumer started her publishing career as an editorial assistant at Ellie-Award winning magazine Budget Living and moved on to book publishing as an acquisitions editor at HarperOne, one of the world’s leading spirituality, health & lifestyle publishers. In January 2019, she joined Folio Literary Management as an agent and loves marrying her editorial background with her intuition for commercial viability while helping her authors craft the perfect proposal for the market. Jan’s interests as an agent are solely nonfiction, specifically spirituality, religion, self-help, health & wellness, parenting, cookbook, memoir, and business with a spirituality or self-help angle.

Jan is actively seeking: 
Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Memoir, Lifestyle, Family/Parenting, Self-Help

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After studying journalism, Eloy Bleifuss began his career in publishing as an assistant at Simon & Schuster during which time he worked for the publisher of first S&S and later Touchstone and Scribner. Eloy switched to the agency side in 2019 when he started at Janklow & Nesbit Associates. He is cultivating a growing list of fiction and nonfiction clients.

Eloy is drawn to genre-blurring upmarket and literary fiction. He enjoys plainly told stories of regular people navigating relationships and work, along with character-driven speculative fiction set in alternate worlds or futures. For nonfiction, Eloy likes everything from omnivorous cultural criticism and forgotten histories to big ideas books and relatable self-help. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction, he is a fan of writing that is dark, uncanny, funny, or queer.

A graduate of Vassar College, he hails from Chicago and now lives in Brooklyn.

Eloy is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Short Fiction, Graphic Novels; Adult Nonfiction: Current Events, History,  Biography, Pop Culture, Lifestyle, Self-Help

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Danielle Bukowski joined Sterling Lord Literistic in 2014 and spent several years in the foreign rights department before transitioning fully to agenting. Her authors have won and been finalists for major awards; published in The New Yorker; had their books translated into numerous languages; and optioned for film and TV. Representing fiction for adults from smart bookclub to literary, and select nonfiction, Danielle is particularly looking for narratives from writers traditionally excluded from the publishing industry. For fiction, she likes books that balance plot with voice, have a strong sense of place, a unique hook, and are stylistically bold; for nonfiction, she’s looking for work grounded in the author’s personal interest, rigorously reported and researched, and will expand the reader’s view of the world. She represents Bryan Washington, Nancy Johnson, Edgar Gomez, Joseph Han, Mark Haber, Elizabeth Hand, Gina Chung, and Katherine Seligman, among others. Danielle graduated from Vassar College with a concentration in English and lives in Brooklyn with her bike and KitchenAid mixer.

Danielle is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Women’s; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Memoir, Essays

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Heather Carr is a literary agent at The Friedrich Agency where she represents fiction and nonfiction for adults. Originally from the suburbs of Portland, OR, she now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Heather is easily enticed by literary fiction that veers toward the strange, offbeat humor and setting as character. Her favorite nonfiction is narrative or journalistic with a knowledgeable guide who will charismatically introduce her to a topic that may initially appear intimidating. In both fiction and nonfiction, she loves to be invited into a world she may not otherwise have access to, or that has been historically sidelined. She loves a writer who isn’t afraid to break the rules. As with most readers, Heather is on the hunt for a singular voice that takes her by surprise. 

Heather is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: 
High Concept Commercial, Literary; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Essays

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Victoria Dillman is an Associate Agent at Howland Literary. Prior to Howland, she was an assistant and foreign rights associate at Sobel Weber Associates and an intern at Linda Leith Publishing, as well as a reader for the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) Awards. She holds a B.A. in English from McGill University, and an MFA in Fiction from The New School.

Victoria is most interested in adult literary/upmarket fiction and narrative and expert-driven nonfiction. She would particularly like to hear from underrepresented communities including neurodivergent, queer, and BIPOC voices.

In fiction, she looks for a well-paced plot with a strong, distinctive voice. She is fascinated by complex and nuanced characters with conflicting desires. She especially loves literary fiction with a speculative or magical element. She is also intrigued by hybrids of literary-genre fiction: pieces that work to subvert genre conventions. She will always be captured by family relationships, particularly the complexities of sibling dynamics and intergenerational trauma. As someone who grew up internationally, Victoria is drawn to narratives exploring transitory homes and cultures.

In nonfiction, she is looking for projects that have a passion for and in-depth knowledge of niche topics. She is drawn to narratives that focus on the individual and offer fresh perspectives on our world. Some of the topics she is interested include social justice, climate change, mental health, cults, true crime, and counterculture.

Victoria is actively seeking:
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays

To learn more about Victoria, read her interview here

Caroline Eisenmann joined the Frances Goldin Literary Agency in 2017 after spending four years at ICM Partners. In adult literary and upmarket fiction, Caroline gravitates towards novels that engage with social issues, speculative elements (especially those used in the service of an emotional truth), stories about obsession, ruthless narrators, and work that centers around intimacy and its discontents. She’s looking for intensity and stakes on the page, whether that takes the form of visceral prose, a vivid consciousness, or a driving plot.

In nonfiction she is drawn to idea-driven work driven by expansive curiosity, especially projects that render the hidden structures of the world more legible. She’s also looking for deeply reported narratives (particularly those that take the reader into the heart of a subculture), literary memoir, cultural criticism, and essay collections. Her areas of interest include science, technology, nature, social justice, psychology, culture, and the slippery workings of capitalism.

Authors represented by Caroline have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list and been short or longlisted for the National Book Award in fiction, the National Book Award’s 5 Under 35 Award, the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence, and the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize.

Caroline is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Short Fiction; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, History, Biography, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays.

To learn more about Caroline, read her interview here

David Forrer headshotDavid Forrer began his career in publishing in 1997 after receiving a Masters in Creative Writing (fiction) from Boston University. He has been an agent with InkWell Management since it was created in 2004. His areas of interest and representation range from literary, commercial, historical and crime fiction to suspense/thriller, humorous non-fiction and popular history.
David is actively seeking:
Adult Fiction: 
High Concept Commercial, Literary, Women’s, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Romance, Historical, Science Fiction / Fantasy; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Current Events, History, Biography, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays.
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Paloma Hernando (she/her/hers) joined Einstein Literary Management as an Associate Agent in 2020. Paloma has been working in independent publishing since 2015, involved in editing, publishing, and selling mini-comics, zines, graphic novels, webcomics, and large-scale anthologies. A 2017 graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, Paloma currently lives in Brooklyn. Paloma’s favorite books often have a bit of magic in them, and she loves being able to dive into any world, real or invented, presented on the page. She is looking for both graphic novels and prose fiction for YA or adult, including more mature stories, particularly ones that deal with difficult emotions and nuanced characters. She loves romance, particularly queer romance, science fiction that feels fresh, high fantasy, and middle grade with a good sense of humor. She is interested in non-fiction for all ages, especially anything that digs into media analysis or an event in history. She loves a story with a strong voice and solid construction.

Paloma is actively seeking:
Adult Fiction:
 High Concept Commercial, Literary, Romance, Historical, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Short Fiction, Graphic Novels; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, History, Pop Culture, Essays; Children’s: YA & MG Fiction (General, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Graphic Novels)

To learn more about Paloma, read her interview here

Lynn Johnston (Lynn Johnston Literary) is a literary agent representing mostly nonfiction since 2001. The books on her list have been called “firebreathng” and “righteous” by the New York Times, “exuberant” by O, The Oprah Magazine, and “a godsend” by Publishers Weekly. Among them are New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today bestsellers; Books for a Better Life Award finalists; winner of the International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Award; Grammy nominee for Best Spoken Word Album; Porchlight’s best business book in Personal Development & Human Behavior; and numerous “best of the year” accolades. Her clients includes many debut authors who rely on her guidance to set them up for careers as authors. Before working in publishing, she held various management and marketing roles and has served on the board or staff of notable non-profit organizations, including Dress for Success, Bottomless Closet and the American Bar Association. She currently serves on the membership and small business committees of the Association of American Literary Agents and on the advisory board of the Woodstock Book Fest. Johnston has an MBA and BA in Philosophy. Born in Saigon, Vietnam and having resided in Florida, Texas and Chicago, she lives and works in New York City.

Lynn is actively seeking:
Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Current Events, Biography, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays, Lifestyle, Family/Parenting, Self-Help, Business

To learn more about Lynn, read her interview here

Alex Kane joined WME in 2017, where he has worked on New York Times bestselling nonfiction and fiction. In both genres, he is especially drawn to stories that have a strong social or political conscience. He is looking for narrative nonfiction that uncovers forgotten moments in history, insightful reporting on contemporary events, pop-culture and music journalism about immersive subcultures, cultural commentary, “big idea” and science books by academics and experts, and select memoir. He is also looking for literary fiction propelled by dynamic plotting, genre elements, or a strong sense of setting and voice. He studied Philosophy and Mathematics at Dartmouth College, and lives in Los Angeles.

Alex is actively seeking:
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Historical, Science Fiction/Fantasy; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Current Events, History, Biography, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays.

To learn more about Alex, read his interview here

Julia Kardon was born and raised in New York City. Her first job in publishing, while in high school, was shelving fiction at the fabled Strand Bookstore. She received degrees in Comparative Literature, as well as in Slavic Languages and Literature at the University of Chicago. Julia joined HG Literary in 2018 after building a list at Mary Evans Inc and handling foreign rights. Prior to that she assisted at Sterling Lord Literistic, a job she attained after an unpaid internship both there and at the Wylie Agency.

She is interested primarily in literary and upmarket fiction and memoir, and especially stories grappling with racial, religious, sexual or national identity, narrative nonfiction, journalism, and history. She does not represent thrillers, any children’s literature or books about spirituality or Christianity.

Her clients include New York Times Best Sellers Brit Bennett and Etaf Rum, Barnes & Noble Discover picks John Freeman Gill, K-Ming Chang and Leah Franqui, Center For Fiction Emerging Writer Fellow Melissa Rivero, Moriel Rothman-Zecher, Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, and others.

Julia is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: Literary; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, History, Essays.

Stefanie Molina is an agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. Prior to becoming an agent, she spent her career advocating for marginalized folks in publishing as a technical editor at a national laboratory, senior editor at the literary journal F(r)iction, and book coach and editor for women of color. She is Asian Latina (Mexican, Japanese, and Irish) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, both from the University of California at Davis. Aside from reading, she enjoys hiking, swimming, baking, and playing the piano. Her favorite place in the world is Yosemite National Park. You can find her on Twitter @fiction_tech.

Stefanie is primarily looking for BIPOC stories inclusive of intersectional identities (LGBTQ+, disability, mental illness, neurodiversity…). She particularly relates to stories centering mixed protagonists. In all genres, she adores stories that incorporate food, animals, the outdoors, and intergenerational relationships. She also loves when stories explore “messy” feelings like rage, fear, guilt, grief, etc. in empowering ways. Please don’t send her books that revolve around abuse (though it can be in a character’s past) or self-harm or suicide, or books where the protagonist dies at the end.

In picture books, she’s looking for heartfelt stories about family, facing your fears, and/or finding your place in the world. She especially loves brave, quirky heroines. In middle grade and YA, she likes contemporary fantasy and coming-of-age stories. She loves a touch of mystery in any story and is also open to the right high fantasy or romcom. In adult, she’s looking for romcoms, mysteries, thrillers, and contemporary fantasy. She’s also open to high fantasy or historical fiction that empowers BIPOC individuals and communities. Two of her specific wishes are for a mystery or thriller helmed by a BIPOC woman, and for historical fiction centering a BIPOC cowgirl.

Stefanie is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Women’s, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Romance, Historical, Science Fiction/Fantasy; Children’s: YA & MG Fiction (General, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy) and Picture Books.

To learn more about Stefanie, read her interview here

James Mustelier (The Bent Agency) is looking for a range of commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. In all genres (but particularly in literary fiction) he prizes economical prose, complex characters, steadily building tension, narrative gravity, and the momentary relief of dark humor, even (or especially) amid dire circumstances. In commercial fiction, he’s looking for compact horror and mysteries with big hooks and intricate plotting. He’s drawn to grounded sci-fi and fantasy that features high stakes that touch on contemporary issues — more alternate histories and speculative fiction than high fantasy or space opera. In nonfiction, he’s looking for a vivid look into subcultures and events he might not otherwise have had the chance to explore. Much of his favorite nonfiction melds a distinct narrative voice with rigorous research. For YA and MG, he’s interested in epic fantasy, grounded sci-fi, and irreverent retellings of fairy tales, classic myths, and historical events. He is specifically seeking stories written from diverse perspectives that draw from underrepresented cultures.

James is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy; Adult Nonfiction: Current Events, History, Pop Culture; Children’s: YA & MG Fiction (Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy).

To learn more about James, read his interview here

Aemilia Phillips joined Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency after completing the Columbia University Publishing Course. She graduated from Harvard University with honors, and is putting her English degree to good use in the world of publishing, working with a range of fiction and non-fiction writers. She’s particularly interested in writers who push conventional boundaries in order to address cultural, political, and social justice issues. With family on both sides of the Mexican border and interests in journalism, narrative non-fiction, literary fiction, and select poetry, she looks for diverse, smart writing with an impactful story to tell. For non-fiction she’s looking for driven, obsessed writers and topics that challenge the way we think about the world, with a particular interest in Latin American and feminist voices. She loves books that at first glance appear to be commercial, but that are also smart cultural critiques that force readers to examine new viewpoints. She’s fascinated by darker, complex fictional characters who upend preconceptions, stories with just a touch of magic, and novels that allow her to step into someone else’s shoes.

Aemilia is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: High Concept Commercial, Literary, Poetry, Graphic Novels; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Current Events, Memoir, Essays; Children’s: YA Fiction (General), YA Nonfiction.

To learn more about Aemilia, read her interview here

Sera Rivers is a Senior Literary Manager at Martin Literary & Media Management. She holds an MFA in writing for children from Simmons University. She is actively seeking stories by authors and illustrators who identify as BIPOC, LQBTQIA+, and other underrepresented and marginalized identities. Sera is especially looking for: MG/YA —horror (no demonic possessions); psychological thrillers; speculative fiction, including magical realism and ghost stories (no high fantasy); LGBTIA+ romance; tough topics. Select PB—historically excluded stories; tough topics; horror (author/illustrator only for horror). She does not represent adult fiction/nonfiction. Check out her full MSWL and submission guidelines at

Sera is actively seeking:
 YA & MG Fiction (General, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Graphic Novels) and Picture Books

To learn more about Sera, read her interview here

Anna Sproul-Latimer, founding partner and president of Neon Literary, has over the course of her many years in book publishing sold multiple New York Times bestsellers, major book-to-film deals, and foreign translations in more than 50 languages. She represents all types of adult nonfiction–from memoir and history to pop culture, science, and parenting–as well as select literary fiction. (For existing clients, Anna represents just about everything, but all of her clients’ careers start and primarily consist of work in one of her two focus areas.) Anna is drawn to buzzing, bright, curious, and slightly demented authors driven by enthusiasm so infectious that (inter)national audiences are already paying attention. She seeks authors motivated by a true mission–a clear answer to the question, “What is the legacy I want to leave in the world?” A lifelong resident of the Washington, DC area, Anna has spent her whole life watching power, money, and media interact to shape the line of history. With Neon, she intends to take the full weight of her access, experience, and privilege and use it to lie down in traffic, forcing that line to turn somewhere brighter. Prior to founding Neon, Anna spent nearly 15 years as a literary agent, foreign rights director, and developmental editor at DC’s Ross Yoon Agency. A graduate of Columbia University and the University of Oxford, Anna lives in the DC suburbs with her family.

Anna is actively seeking: 
Adult Fiction: Literary; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Current Events, History, Biography, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays, Lifestyle, Family/Parenting, Self-Help.

To learn more about Anna, read her interview here

Julie Stevenson is a literary agent with Massie & McQuilkin in New York. She represents literary and upmarket fiction, suspense, memoir, graphic novels, narrative nonfiction, young adult fiction and children’s picture books. She is drawn to storytelling with unforgettable characters, an authorial command of voice, and a strong sense of narrative tension. She looks for work that both entertains and explores the depths of human experience, particularly the many facets of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, and regional backgrounds. She’s agented books that have won the Pulitzer Prize, the MWA Edgar Award, the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, the Carnegie Medal for Excellence, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Caldecott Honor. Before she became an agent, Julie worked in the editorial departments of Tin House and Publishers Weekly. She received her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

Julie is actively seeking:
Adult Fiction:
High Concept Commercial, Literary, Women’s, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Historical, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Short Fiction, Graphic Novels; Adult Nonfiction: Narrative, Current Events, Biography, Memoir, Pop Culture, Essays, Lifestyle, Family/Parenting, Self-Help; Children’s: YA & MG Fiction (General, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Graphic Novels), YA & MG Nonfiction, Picture Books

While earning her B.A. in English and Marketing from the College of William & Mary, Hannah Strouth completed an internship at a boutique literary agency in Virginia, where she fell in love with this side of publishing. After graduating from the Columbia Publishing Course, she joined JRA as Office Assistant and soon after was promoted to Contracts Associate. Today, as assistant to Andrea Cirillo, Annelise Robey, and Kathy Schneider, she helps maintain their list of clients while keeping her sights set on actively growing her own list. Hannah is looking primarily for literary fiction, upmarket/commercial fiction, historical/biographical fiction, speculative/light magical realism, high concept women’s fiction, and select romantic comedies. Books that dig deep into a wide range of emotions, leave her thinking deeply, and have her questioning human nature are the ones that capture her heart and make her most excited. She’s primarily driven by emotion and voice in a story, so the more heart-wrenching the better. Across all genres, she’s drawn to stories that help her discover and learn new aspects about people, places, events, herself, and grand concepts that have no defined answer.

Hannah is actively seeking:
Adult Fiction: 
High Concept Commercial, Literary, Women’s, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Romance, Historical, Short Fiction.

To learn more about Hannah, read her interview here