2022 WLT Book Awards

DEADLINE TOMORROW: Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Every year, the WLT Book Awards celebrate Texas authors in five categories, an assortment of winners and finalists who represent some of the very best writing being published today.

The great state of Texas has a long tradition of serving as a setting for and inspiring great storytelling, not to mention the amazing literary community we have here that so many wonderful writers call “home.” Honoring that tradition, the WLT Book Awards were established in 1991 (yes, these awards have been around for more than thirty years!) to recognize the year’s best among the stories coming out of the Lone Star State and to celebrate the exceptional writers behind them.

The WLT Book Awards contest is now accepting submissions for books by Texas authors published in 2022. You’ll find the complete rules & guidelines for this year’s contest, along with an entry form, here.

The deadline is tomorrow. Don’t delay! All entry forms must be received by midnight EDT, March 7, 2023. Winner and finalists will be announced in Summer 2023. Each winner receives a $1,000.00 cash prize.

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