Update: Craft Books, Staff Picks and More!

We are very fortunate to know a lot of amazing writers and industry experts who so generously share their insights and smarts with our community as instructors, panelists, presenters, and more.

One of our favorite things to ask these brilliant minds when we have the chance – “What’s one book you’d recommend to writers as a ‘must read’ for honing their craft?”

Lucky for us (and you!) we’ve assembled their answers in one easy to shop bookshelf on our new WLT Bookshop.org page. You’ll find a pretty amazing list of craft of writing books (which we’ll be regularly adding to), plus books on the business side of writing, and some recommendations from your friendly WLT staff (books that we’re currently reading, updated monthly!).

(What’s more, every book you purchase via this special Bookshop.org page means a donation to the WLT. Thank you thank you thank you!)

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