World Book Night 2012

At the Writers’ League, we love hearing about new readers. Books change lives, and nothing is more exciting than hearing about some of our favorite books getting passed along to someone for the first time! That is why we love the idea behind World Book Night. WBN is a non-profit that began in the UK in 2011 to promote adult reading among “light” or “non-readers,” as well as young adult readers. Givers of books picked up a box of twenty free copies of a book, which they selected from a list of thirty titles, to distribute. Givers had the freedom to pass along these books to anyone they wished.

Yesterday, on April 23, World Book Night took place in the US as well as the UK and Ireland in over 6,000 cities. The special World Book Night editions of these books were printed for free, and the authors waived royalties on the books to help the event take place. A full list of titles can be found here, as well as other information about the World Book Night. Austin’s own independent book store, BookPeople, participated in the event, distributing copies of the bestselling YA novel, The Huger Games to students at Martin Middle School. Look how thrilled they are, posing with their new books! We are thrilled as well– and hope that everyone is enjoying their new books, no matter what title they received. Remember, sharing books you love with those you love is an invaluable gift!

Happy reading, and our deepest admiration to BookPeople and the folks at World Book Night!
Katherine, for the Writers’ League

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