Letters from the Program Director: Nobody Asked For This

Hello, writers,

Often when I write, the phrase “Nobody asked for this” pierces my thoughts. Sometimes this phrase is a taunt, sometimes a challenge, always a reminder that the compulsion to create is both solitary and communal. Even if the answer to the question, Who am I doing this for? is me, the underlying hope is, at some point, someone else will receive the work. The challenge, then, is to create something that, while not asked for, reaches and maybe even changes someone somewhere eventually.

Who do we envision that someone to be? How does that envisioning shape the various stages of a project — the writing then editing then releasing a book into the world? How do the various stages of a project shape that envisioning? And how does the relationship between writer and audience shift and evolve throughout a writing career?

These are the questions at the heart of our March Third Thursday event: “Dedicated: Who We Write For and Why,” and I cannot wait to hear from our incredible panelists. We’ll be joined by poet and essayist Roger Reeves, children’s book author Liz Garton Scanlon, and poet Sasha West, who are all brilliant and generous both on the page and off. You won’t want to miss their insights on this rich topic.

We are also so thrilled that this Thursday WLT will be the beneficiary of BookPeople’s Day of Sales program, meaning a portion of ALL sales (in-person or online!) will go to the Writers’ League of Texas. So, come out and join us on Thursday and buy some books (or tune into our YouTube livestream and do some online shopping). I personally recommend these three!

See you Thursday!

Sarah Renee Beach

Program Director

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