A Q&A About WLT’s PubCrawl

WLT Executive Director Cyndi Hughes will host PubCrawl: A Writing/Publishing Q&A Lunch for WLT members on Nov. 19. Here’s a look at what the event is all about.

What is PubCrawl?

WLT members always have big-picture questions about both writing and publishing. There is no one answer to those questions; it’s often specific to the writer and book. With all that we have going on at the League, our staff simply does not have the time to  answer those questions in full. So we thought we’d offer PubCrawl as a chance for members to ask questions and get some fast answers.

What can a writer get out of the event?

Well, a great Tex-Mex lunch at Nuevo Leon, of course! Seriously, though, PubCrawl should give writers answers that can provide a clear direction for them. Also, writers will learn a lot by listening to questions from their fellow writers. So by the end of session, writers should have several takeaways that they can apply to their own work.

I also hope that new WLT members will join in; this would be a great way for them to find out more about the League and to meet other writers.

What type of questions do you expect people to ask?

Pretty much the ones we field regularly at the office from writers:

  • I’m thinking about self-publishing. How do I go about that?
  • How do I write a book proposal?
  • I’ve got writers’ block. What can I do?
  • I’ve written the first draft of my novel. What do I do next? Or why do I have to rewrite it?
  • What happens after I land an agent?
  • Do I have to use Twitter or Facebook or a blog?
  • Because I live in Texas, should I work with an agent who lives in Texas?
  • Should I aim for a major publisher or go with a regional press?
  • What on earth is going on in publishing, and is there a place for me and my book?

What questions are NOT appropriate?

  • Can you give me the names of five agents to submit my book to?
  • Would you tell me what publisher will publish my book?
  • Would you give a personal anecdote about an agent to use in my query letter?
  • Would you talk to an agent or publisher on my behalf?
  • Would you read my manuscript and give me feedback?

(By the way, the answer to all of those questions is “no”!)

What hopes do you have for PubCrawl?

I hope PubCrawl will give writers practical information that can save them both time and money as they focus on writing. I can’t wait to see that look of relief on someone’s face when we come up with an answer that can really help him or her! Most of all, I’m looking forward to sitting down with our members to get to know them better!

If this event works, I’d like to offer it regularly both in Austin and Houston and then extend it to other cities.

So sign up today and get those questions ready, folks!

–Cyndi Hughes

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