2021 Texas Book Festival Virtual Exhibition

Every Texas Book Festival, we invite our Members to join us at our booth as an opportunity to sign and promote their books. This year, we wanted to still provide that opportunity despite moving online! Below is an exhibition of our own, filled with Members of ours who had a book published between the last in-person TBF (in 2019!) and now. 

Take a look through, and if you’re interested in a book, click its cover! 

I will not bear you sons by Usha Akella

Calling for a united womanhood, these poems are the medium for the unsilenced women’s voice. Usha dedicates her poems to women violated through rape, caste, FGM, foot binding, religion, politics, terrorism, patriarchal abuses and honors women who have triumphed against subjugation. Blurbs by Anne Waldman and Marianela Medrano.

The Taco Magician and Other Poems for Kids/El Mago de los tacos y otros poemas para ninos by Diane Gonzale Bertrand

Universal childhood experiences are described and celebrated in this bilingual collection of poems for kids.

Book of All Time (EarthCycles, Book Two) by Donna Dechen Birdwell

Long after the apocalypse, Earth has repeopled itself. Twice. In book one, Meridia discovered the truth about her Melfar heritage. In book two, her journey continues. Meridia is a healer, but can she heal the deep rift of time that drove Earth’s people apart?

Villains, Victims, and Violets: Agency and Feminism in the Original Sherlock Holmes Canon by Tamara Bower

This thoughtful and insightful collection of essays brings fresh eyes to the women of the Sherlock Holmes stories — it is essential scholarship not only to understand the Victorians but to see why the Canon remains so powerful in the 21st century!

The Illusion of Leaving by Jeannette Brown

Jamie hates her West Texas hometown, but she has to return home to plan her father’s funeral. With the help of old friends, the community, and the pull of the land, she comes to terms with grudges, guilt, and secrets long past what should have been their expiration date.

SONJU by Wondra Chang

Set in male-dominated post-WWII Korea, SONJU is a story of a woman who with a single-minded determination to become her own person forges ahead amid war and social upheaval as her nation struggles to ascend as a global power.

three gThree Good Leads by Richard Cunningham

Against all odds, an aspiring journalist and a brilliant student nurse discover each other and themselves as deadly Spanish Influenza sweeps through Houston and Galveston in the fall of 1918. Three Good Leads is the sequel to Maude Brown’s Baby.

No Names to Be Given by Julia Brewer Daily

In 1966, three unwed pregnant women met at a maternity home in New Orleans to relinquish their babies for adoption and return home as if nothing transpired.

Cherry Tree Dares: Essays on Childhood by Ilene W. Devlin

This nonfiction book features essays on growing up in the Midwest in the 1950s-1960s.
Bloodlines & Fencelines by D.L.S. Evatt
Sheriff Ray Osborn is in over his head when the matriarch of tiny Lantz, Texas is murdered. There’s no shortage of suspects since she had a way of getting under folk’s skin. He may not know much about detective work but he knows everyone’s secrets and lies.
The Day I Threw Banana Bread and Almost Went to Jail: True Stories About How I Used to Lose My Temper (and How I Learned to Stop) by Jeanette Hargreaves
Sometimes those out-of-control moments are hard to admit and even harder to talk about, but I’m breaking the silence.

Master of Rods and Strings by Jason Marc Harris

Jealous of attention lavished upon the puppetry talents of his sister–and tormented by visions of her torture at the hands of his mysterious Uncle Pavan, who recruited her for his arcane school–Elias is determined to master occult puppetry, no matter the hideous costs, in order to exact vengeance.
Kind, But Kind of Weird Short Stories on Life’s Relationships by Joey Held
Kind, But Kind of Weird: Short Stories on Life’s Relationships shines a light on the quirky, the eccentric, and all-too-realistic landscape that colors the relationships we have with one another, and with ourselves.

Wilde Type by HK Jacobs
An award-winning escapism romance, Wilde Type takes you on the journey of a tragically flawed doctor who navigates adventure, sacrifice, and unexpected love in a life beyond her wildest dreams.

The Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Story of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team That Helped Win WWII by Anne Raugh Keene

In 1943, Boston Red Sox hitter Ted Williams and a team of Major Leaguers training to become Fighter Pilots were better than the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. Learn about this championship military ballclub that used baseball and sports to train for combat missions in the Pacific.

An Indian among Los Indígenas: A Native Travel Memoir by Ursula Pike

A Native American woman travels to South America’s most indigenous country as a Peace Corps Volunteer and discovers aspects about her own identity, colonialism, and comparative privilege while navigating the vivid landscapes and personalities of a small Bolivian community in the Andes.

The Watermelon Pump by Gretchen Rix

An aging and cantankerous small-town newspaper editor who keeps her pet chicken in the office runs The Watermelon Pump. Luling, Texas’ weekly paper, known primarily for its wedding announcements and garage sale ads.

Ghostly Interference by Jan Sikes

From opposite worlds, Jag Peters and Rena Jett are entangled in a triangle of souls, with a ghost and a white rune as the connecting factors, leading them to love and redemption.

Nelly: The Turtle That Went to School and Found a Home by Martha Stoddard

This book is a narrative nonfiction chapter book for middle grade readers who empathize with a teacher’s true experiences, a goal of caring for a rescue Red-eared Slider turtle at her home, and solving the problems that arise.

When Story Stops, the Leak Begins by John Sullivan

When Story Stops, the Leak Begins is a true hybrid: a three act sequence of “poem-scripts” embracing skaz-inflected dialogue (influenced by writing / performance traditions from Cathy Acker and Juan Felipe Herrera to Jerzy Grotowski and Joseph Chaikin) that torques the tension between writing and the physicality of theatre.

You Again by Amanda Waters

Rosalee is a widow who unexpectedly reconnects with the boy who broke her heart at 17. You Again is a story about first love and second chances.

A Phoenix Rises by Angela Yeh

A Phoenix Rises is a surprising gem, full of dark magic, vivid settings, enduring friendship and forbidden love.