2021 Texas Book Festival Virtual Exhibition

Welcome 2021 Texas Book Festival Attendees!

Texas Debut Novelists

Two talented Texas novelists (S. Kirk Walsh and Justin Deabler) talk about their first novels. Featuring everything from a friendship with an elephant to an upbringing in non-gay-friendly 1990s Houston, these new books make their marks on Texas literature.

You can see the recorded panel here.

Novels As Big As Texas

Join authors Stacey Swann (Olympus, Texas), William Sibley (Here We Go Loop de Loop), Kelsey McKinney (God Spare the Girls), and Simon Han (Nights When Nothing Happened)—all of whom have authored new novels featuring the Lone Star State as backdrop, and in some cases as character in its own right.

You can see the recorded panel here.

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In November, WLT has many free programs for writers. From 10 Write-ins, a three hour Zoom room to just sit and write, knowing there are other writers there with you, to various of free online panel discussions. Look below for a little of what’s to come. For a full list of events, see our calendar here.

Every Texas Book Festival, we invite our Members to join us at our booth as an opportunity to sign and promote their books. This year, we wanted to still provide that opportunity despite moving online! To that end, we curated an exhibition of our own, filled with Members of ours who had a book published between the last in-person TBF (in 2019!) and now.

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