Agents Conference Success Story

Today we received one of our very favorite things in our inbox – a WLT Agents Conference success story! Whether you’re thinking about attending or you’ve already signed up, we hope you enjoy this bit of inspiration, courtesy of Jan Chapman.


I wanted to offer a word of endorsement to writers considering this summer’s  Agent’s Conference.

I attended last June with fear and trembling (and a completed manuscript) – the author/agent schmooze format did not seem the best avenue to representation for an introvert.  In spite of myself, I managed to get the attention of one outstanding agent at the conference, and have just today received my representation agreement from him.

Thanks for giving Texas writers the opportunity to make these professional contacts!  I’d say it’s changed my world.

Congratulations to Jan! And for anyone thinking about the 2011 Agents Conference, you can check it out here: 


And you can register here!


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