Q & A With Agent Amy Burkhardt

Today we continue our series of Q & As with the faculty of the 2011 Agents Conference with Amy Burkhardt of Kimberly Cameron & Associates. Amy shares her insights into publishing the publishing process and her journey to becoming an agent. Don’t miss her at the conference, June 10-12 at

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Q & A With Agent Jenny Bent

The Agents Conference is coming to town! On June 10-12, the WLT’s annual Agents Conference will give writers an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best in the business. Today we bring you the second in our series of Q&As with the fabulous conference faculty! Check back

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Win An Agent Reading With Our Agents Conference Contest!

The Referral Round-up! If you refer three or more people to register for the 2011 Agents Conference, your name will be entered into a drawing and the randomly selected winner will receive a fantastic prize. Agent Alexandra Machinist of Janklow and Nesbit will read 50 pages of the contest winner’s

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Q & A With Agent Jim McCarthy

We had so much fun with our series of Q &As with the featured guests at our YA A to Z Conference that we wanted to do another series for the 2011 Agents Conference! This week we bring you the first in the series, with agent Jim McCarthy of Dystel

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Agent Jennifer Laughran’s Conference Tips

Spring is here! The season of long walks, new flowers, spectacular allergies, and, if you’re a writer, conferences. Conferences abound all year and all across the country, but they really seem to pick up in the spring, when everyone is ready to leave the house in search of the new

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Q and A with Agent Elena Mechlin

Today we feature the fourth in our series of Q and As with the featured agents, editors, and authors of our YA A to Z Conference! To learn more about the conference, click here. To register, click here! How did you get started in publishing? In college, I was on

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Q&A with Agent Laurie McLean

Today we feature the third in our lineup of Q & As with the amazing featured authors, agents, and editors of our upcoming YA A to Z conference. For more info about the conference, click here. And keep checking back here for more great Q & As throughout March and

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Five Ways (Not) to Squander Contacts and Alienate Agents (Feature Post)

By Ginger McKnight-Chavers Sometimes the universe bestows unexpected gifts upon writers. Through friends, colleagues or the hundredth query letter, we finally land a face-to-face with an agent.  I’ve learned the hard way that it’s easy to unintentionally screw up these golden opportunities in ways beyond the obvious no-no’s (tardiness, rudeness,

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A Q&A with Agent Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich

The 2011 Agent’s Conference is shaping up excellently with a great bunch of agents and editors. Today we have a Q&A with agent Jim McCarthy of Dystel and Goderich Literary Management that will give you a bit of insight into the world of literary agents and Jim himself. Even if

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A Q&A About WLT’s PubCrawl

WLT Executive Director Cyndi Hughes will host PubCrawl: A Writing/Publishing Q&A Lunch for WLT members on Nov. 19. Here’s a look at what the event is all about. What is PubCrawl? WLT members always have big-picture questions about both writing and publishing. There is no one answer to those questions;

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