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Community Member: ACC Creative Writing Department

Special Guest Post: Austin Community College student, Jean Synodinos, shares her experience taking classes in ACC’s Creative Writing Department!

Once upon a time, I was infatuated with the myth—nay, the mystique—of the lone writer. A tortured (but gifted) soul, she labored well into the wee hours of the morning, surrounded by books and day-old coffee, tapping out her words while frogs chirped in the tree outside her window. Only in this dark solitude might she conjure an appearance from her mighty muse. Surely, I believed, this was how great stories found their way into the world.

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Community Member: Austin Community College Creative Writing Department

Special Guest Post: Austin Community College student, Maya Landers, shares her experience taking classes in ACC’s Creative Writing Department! The idea that writing is a solitary pursuit has been thoroughly disproven: we realized that behind every great person is another great person, or two or three or twelve, whose ideas

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Community Member Q&A: The Writing Consultancy

“I have gained so much knowledge and wonderful friends volunteering at Writer’s League events, watching authors grow at the annual A&E Conference and witnessing so much talent make its way into print.” – Britta Jensen The Writing Consultancy offers mentoring and coaching for stories in development, a range of editing

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Community Member Q&A: Childress Business Communication

“Find a community of writers to keep you motivated and engaged with the latest developments in the field. WLT is a great place to make friendships with other writers. Find a group, and become active with them.” -Cindy Childress, Ph.D., founder of Childress Business Communication Childress Business Communication is a

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Community Member Q&A: Kallisto Gaia Press

“Be true to your craft but share your vision and your work with your tribe. Community will give you an anchor.” -Tony Burnett Kallisto Gaia Press is a nonprofit literary organization and publisher focused on supporting writers at all stages of their careers. They don’t shy away from experimental or

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Community Member Q&A: The Authors' Assistant

           The Authors’ Assistant provides editing, publishing, and promotional services to writers of almost every genre. Based in Austin for almost two decades, the Authors’ Assistant’s tagline: “Do you want to be read?” has been a resounding yes for scores of authors who have seen their

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Community Member Q&A: Wild Horse Media

      Founded by Billy Huckaby in 2005 and based in Fort Worth, TX, Wild Horse Media Group is a multi-media company that includes imprints Eakin Press, NorTex Press, and Wild Horse Press as well as a retail company Cowboy Bookworm which specializes in books and other merchandise about

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Community Member Q&A: Stephanie Barko

        Stephanie Barko’s award-winning clients include traditional publishers and their authors, small presses, and independently published writers. She promotes nonfiction & historical fiction exclusively. Stephanie Barko is also a proud Community Member of the Writers’ League of Texas. Read her interview below to find out more about her company.

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Community Member Q&A: Yellow Bird Editors

        Yellow Bird provides a wealth of editing services as well as private writing coaches to writers of fiction, nonfiction and children’s books. Founded by author Sara Kocek (Promise Me Something) and based in Austin, TX, Yellow Bird editors are an accomplished band of editors of varied

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Community Member Q&A: Editor World

Editor World offers editing services for books (fiction and nonfiction), academic works, resumes and other business-related materials. Founded by Patti Fisher, the company is based in Newport, Virginia, and employs editors with backgrounds in academia, published authors, and other writing professionals. Editor World is also a proud Community Member of

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