What We’re Reading Now: LONE WOLF

Lone Wolf: An F.B.I. K-9 Novel #1               by Sara Driscoll Published in August 2017 by Kensington Books Reviewed by Kirsche Romo In the first of her FBI K-9 novel series, Sara Driscoll takes us into the world of the FBI’s Forensic K-9 unit. The

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What We’re Reading Now: WE ARE ALL SHIPWRECKS

WE ARE ALL SHIPWRECKS                 By Kelly Grey Carlisle Published in September 2017 by Sourcebooks Reviewed by Jordan Smith Kelly Grey Carlisle’s poignant, heartrending book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys memoirs or who hopes to write a successful one themselves. When

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What We’re Reading Now: THE ROAD TO JONESTOWN

THE ROAD TO JONESTOWN             By Jeff Guin Published in April 2017 by Simon & Schuster Reviewed by Amanda Moore In The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple, Jeff Guin tells the story of the rise and fall of Jim Jones and the

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MEMBERS REVIEW: Good as Gone by Amy Gentry

“You’ll find yourself having to remember to breathe.” -Reviewer Tony Burnett on Amy Gentry’s Good as Gone GOOD AS GONE   by Amy Gentry Published in 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt reviewed by Tony Burnett Eight years after Julie was silently abducted from the bedroom next to her young sister while her

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MEMBERS REVIEW: The Memory of Us

THE MEMORY OF US by Camille Di Maio Published in 2016 by Lake Union Publishing reviewed by Kirsche Romo In her novel The Memory of Us, Camille Di Maio carries us away in the love of a lifetime, forbidden by circumstance and overwhelming obstacles. Julianne Westcott’s life is perfect. The daughter of

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Meet the Members: Brad Whittington

“I once rode shotgun in a car for three hours with a coral snake in a five-pound coffee can between my feet. Last year I rode shotgun in a car for a few miles with a rattlesnake in a salad container in my lap. In between, I wrote nine novels,

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MEMBERS REVIEW: Shadow of the Hare: Recall Chronicles Vol. II

SHADOW OF THE HARE: Recall Chronicles Vol. II by Donna Dechen Birdwell Published in 2016 by Wide World Home reviewed by Tony Burnett Barring any Armageddon-like occurrence, extrapolate, if you will, 150 years into the future. If you are like Donna Dechen Birdwell, a seasoned anthropologist and social scientist, you will

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MEMBERS REVIEW: Work Like Any Other by Virginia Reeves

WORK LIKE ANY OTHER by Virginia Reeves Published in 2016 by Simon & Schuster reviewed by Tony Burnett Author Virginia Reeves appeared last week at the New Fiction Confab in Austin on April 23, 2016, along with Kaitlyn Greenidge (We Love You, Charlie Freeman), Karan Mahajan (The Association of Small Bombs), Karen Olsson

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