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Meet the Editors: Jill Meyers

“A favorite T-shirt of mine has this saying on it: “It takes as long as it takes.” Which is not to say, screw deadlines, who cares! But simply: take your time with your drafts and revisions. Go deep and get messy.” -Jill Meyers

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Meet the Editors: Amara Hoshijo

“So many fantastic new voices have come onto the scene in the past five years, and I’m hoping we continue to give opportunities to marginalized and up-and-coming writers post-pandemic.” -Amara Hoshijo

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Meet the Agents: Haley Heidemann

“I like to say I’m representing authors, not books, and so I want to make sure they are excited not just about the book they’re currently writing, but the idea of being a writer.”  -Haley Heidemann

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Meet the Agents: Ayla Zuraw-Friedland

“Whether fiction or non-fiction, I’m always looking for a voice or a way of seeing and describing the world that gets me excited and clears out the brain fog that the administrative side of the job can create.” -Ayla Zuraw-Friedland

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Meet the Agents: Allison Hunter

“Remember that there are no shortcuts — convincing a reader to spend $25 on a book is an incredibly high bar, and requires a tremendous amount of work from all parties involved, beginning (and ending) with the author.” -Allison Hunter

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Meet the Agents: Leah Pierre

“I’m very hands on and very much looking for a partnership! I am very open and transparent. Questions are always welcome and there is no such thing as a stupid question in my book.” -Leah Pierre

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Meet the Agents: Noah Ballard

“Publishing has become the starting point for creators of original ideas. It’s rare today to see a film, TV show or any other sort of media that didn’t begin as a book, which has allowed writers a much more prominent position in pop culture.” -Noah Ballard

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Meet the Agents: Kat Kerr

“Patience and empathy will take you so far in this industry. Publishing does not operate on the same time tables as other businesses and every agent and editor has their own communication and work style.” -Kat Kerr

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