Meet the Agents: Julia Kardon (HG Literary)

“I work very closely with my clients, hoping for lifelong partnerships! Advocating for them and their careers is a privilege. I am usually pretty hands-on during the editorial stage.”  -Julia Kardon, HG Literary

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Meet the Agents: Eloy Bleifuss Prados (Janklow & Nesbit Associates)

“I always advise writers—and try to remind myself—to avoid chasing trends. The journey from writing a book/proposal to submitting to editors to eventual publication takes years. Marketplace attitudes meanwhile are fickle. There’s no guarantee that what’s hot right now will be hot in three or more years. Better to work on projects that you can see yourself being excited about for a long stretch of time.”  -Eloy Bleifuss Prados, Janklow & Nesbit Associates

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Meet the Agents: Alex Kane (WME)

“Establishing a strong editorial relationship with my clients is very important to me. A lot of writers will spend serious amounts of time working on a project without the benefit of a second pair of eyes. The fun part of this job is getting into the weeds with them, figuring out what the best version of their book might be, and working to execute that vision together.”  -Alex Kane, WME

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Meet the Agents: Danielle Bukowski (Sterling Lord Literistic Inc.)

“I strive for open communication and collaboration. I am editorially minded but my main focus is on strategy: connecting the writer with the best editor, shepherding the book through the publication process, aiding in any issues that arise and keeping in mind speaking and writing opportunities to further advance the writer’s career. I am here for the hard conversations and the author’s worries and concerns. And I’m here most excitedly when my authors get the attention and recognition they deserve!”  -Danielle Bukowski, Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.

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Meet the Editors: Wendy Wong (Ballantine/Penguin Random House)

“I’m looking for authors with a distinctive, compelling voice; a surprising and evocative story with engaging characters; and a unique perspective, whether that’s in fiction or nonfiction. This should be someone who understands the importance of collaboration in this process, accepting that their book may take on a different form, but being open to that direction and guidance.”  -Wendy Wong, Ballantine/Penguin Press

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Meet the Agents: Victoria Dillman (Howland Literary)

“Remember that, ultimately, this is your book and your vision. Of course, listen to the opinions of those around you but know that you have the final say and you know your work and what it’s trying to accomplish best.”  -Victoria Dillman, Howland Literary

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Meet the Agents: Stefanie Molina (Ladderbird Literary Agency)

“Find your ‘why’–that doesn’t have to do with getting published. This is what will keep you going when you inevitably receive rejections and other blows to confidence. If getting published is your main motivator for writing, it becomes easy to give up when it seems like things aren’t working out. Go back to why you started writing in the first place and find your motivation there. Internally, recognize why your writing is worth something to you, even if you don’t get a deal.”  -Stefanie Molina, Ladderbird Literary Agency

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