Outlining, Planning, and Plotting: 5 Questions for Jennifer Ziegler

“I’ve come to understand that real, heartfelt, transformative writing should be hard-won. It’s tough because it demands a lot of deep thought and emotional excavation (not to mention revisions) – but also because it matters so much! We are writing to connect with others in a meaningful way.”  -Jennifer Ziegler

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Researching Your Novel: 5 Questions for James Wade

“When it comes to researching (whether it’s historical fiction, literary fiction, even memoir) a lot of writers think there are iron-clad rules that, if broken, will doom their chances at publication. […] [I]n the end, the writers are the ones who get to decide the best path forward.” -James Wade

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Prep Your Novel: 5 Questions for Alex Temblador

“An amazing poet told me to just experience my writing in the moment, which can be difficult for someone like me who has a hard time living in the present, but it’s something I’m trying to get better at.” -Alex Temblador

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