5 Questions for Liz Garton Scanlon

“I’ve come to a much fuller understanding of where good plot originates — from deep inside a character — and that’s been transformational for me.” -Liz Garton Scanlon Liz Garton Scanlon is the author of more than a dozen beloved picture books, including the Caldecott-honored and best-selling All the World,

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5 Questions for Chaitali Sen

“There has to be someone or more than one person (but not too many) that readers can latch on to. Reading a book is like going to a new school. You don’t want to wander the halls alone.” -Chaitali Sen Chaitali Sen is the author of The Pathless Sky. Her

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5 Questions for Amanda Downum, Speculative Fiction Writer

“Put your best effort into a story, but don’t fixate on making it perfect or even saleable. If you find yourself revising over and over again, move on to a new project. Stretch new muscles.” -Amanda Downum Amanda Downum is the author of the Necromancer Chronicles—The Drowning City, The Bone Palace, and Kingdoms

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5 Questions for Marshall Ryan Maresca, Fantasy Writer

“Every book has a moment, where everything just clicks—you know all the beats that remain to get you to the end. And at that point it’s mostly a matter of getting it out of your fingers.” -Marshall Ryan Maresca Marshall Ryan Maresca is the author of the novels, The Thorn of Dentonhill and A

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5 Questions for Publicist Marika Flatt

“There are many ways to promote a book, and they all don’t have to be about doing broadcast interviews or in-person signings.” -Marika Flatt Marika Flatt launched PR by the Book, LLC in 2002, combining her love of the media, public relations, and books. Marika received a Gold Bulldog Award

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5 Questions for Greg Garrett

“If you’re a writer, write. Don’t write for publication, let alone success. ” -Greg Garrett Greg Garrett is the author of over twenty books of fiction, nonfiction, and memoir, including the acclaimed novels Free Bird, Cycling, Shame, and The Prodigal. He teaches fiction writing and screenwriting at Baylor University. On

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Instructor Q&A: Nan Cuba

“The beginning of a story functions as a microcosm of the whole.” -Nan Cuba Nan Cuba is teaching a class for the Writers’ League called “Crafting Openings that Hook the Reader” on June 3 at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. This class will focus on analyzing opening pages of texts

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