Hey Texans, Let's Read Diverse Books!

“To read stories and hear voices that represent all the richness of the human experience is simply a matter of seeing our world truthfully, seeing our truths in it, and having others see them, too.” —Natalia Sylvester Every year, the Texas Book Festival (Nov 5-6, 2016—this weekend!) brings more than 40,000

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Author Interview Series with Sara Kocek

In celebration of Sara Kocek’s debut YA novel Promise Me Something, we managed to grab a couple of minutes with her to do a short interview about her novel and her writing process. Promise Me Something is considered a young adult novel. It seems most debut novelists with your level of credentials

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Featured WLT 2013 Agents and Editors Conference Blog

An Interview with Keynote Speaker Chuck Sambuchino   The Writers’ League of Texas 2013 Agents and Editors Conference is only a couple months away. This year, WLT managed to nab Chuck Sambuchino, everything extraordinaire, for the Keynote Luncheon. He’s done it all folks — writing, editing, publishing, agents. He’s the

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Interview with Writer and Instructor, Brian Yansky

In anticipation of our workshop, Building Character and Building Plot Through Character, we’ve managed to snag our wonderful instructor Brian Yansky for a quick Q&A about himself. Brian’s class is on March 9th from 9 am to 12 pm on the St. Edward’s campus. You can register for this fun

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Interview with Miles Arceneaux

Miles Arceneaux is the creative collaboration between Texas writers Brent Douglass, John T. Davis, James R. Dennis. Miles was born out of a group of old friends vacationing on the Texas Gulf Coast with diverse backgrounds. Brent is the principal owner of KBC Networks, John has years of experience writing

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Guest Blog – Suzy Spencer

An Interview with Writer and Instructor, Suzy Spencer I’m sure you remember Suzy Spencer’s successful memoir, Secret Sex Lives: A Year on the Fringes of American Sexuality. Well, we’ve snagged her for one of our classes this spring! Suzy took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions

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Third Thursday Wrap – Up

WLT November 3rd Thursday 2012 The Book Launch and Beyond Do you remember, the Third Thursday in November? (Sung to the tune of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September.”)  If not, this post will refresh your memory. It seems like a long time ago, especially with the holiday activities happening since

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Author Guest Post – P.J. Hoover

Do It Yourself! Being a writer is hardly even about the writing anymore. Sure, you still have to slap down some words on the page (unless you manage to hire magic elves to do this part for you). (By the way, if you find those magic elves, please let me

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