Celebrating Texas Independents: The Twig Book Shop in San Antonio


In conjunction with Texas Independence Day, we’re partnering with some of the state’s greatest Independents to host a series of free and open events across the state throughout the month of March. These panel discussions will focus on the great opportunities for writers and readers that Texas has to offer, from independent presses, to journals, to bookstores, and beyond, while also answering writers’ burning questions about the publishing process, submitting to presses and journals, catching the eye of an editor, and more.

Last night, we had such a great time at our panel discussion in San Antonio at The Twig Book Shop. We interviewed General Manager Claudia Maceo and Events Coordinator Nancy Gebhardt to learn more about this fantastic independent bookstore and the San Antonio literary community.

Can you share a few thoughts with us about the Texas literary landscape? What makes it unique, and what opportunities can be found here for writers, readers, and publishers?

Claudia Maceo: In San Antonio, Gemini Ink is our literary organization that brings in locally and nationally known writing talent to teach classes for developing writers. Publishers like Wings Press and Trinity University Press provide opportunities for authors of all genres, many of whom are writing about our diverse Texas region. The Twig Book Shop is a destination for locals and visitors alike who have regional interests, from children’s books to Texas history, from fiction to poetry.

Scribe: What do you see as the role of independents (publishers, journals, booksellers) in Texas’s literary community, and what do you find most rewarding about the work you do as an independent publisher?

CM: While we certainly provide the best of new traditionally published books, we also have tried to develop an eye for the lesser-known talents, the smaller print runs, and topics that might not be of interest in other markets. It is our genuine joy and pleasure to introduce our selection to the curious, open-minded reader. Hearing someone admire the selection is immensely affirming. One thing that distinguishes us as independent booksellers is our knowledge of books and our ability to articulate that knowledge.

Scribe: Tell us a bit about one of your upcoming programs, events, or publications that you feel exemplifies the spirit of being independent in Texas.

Nancy Gebhardt: At The Twig we enjoy promoting our local authors with author appearances, book signings, and readings. Our events give both new and experienced authors a chance to get their names out, meet the community, and talk about their writing process. We feature a wide variety of authors and genres with fascinating stories and ideas, all right here in South Texas! Our calendar is full of fun things to do, see, and experience.

Thanks, Claudia and Nancy!

Visit our website for additional cities and dates throughout the month of March.

March 6 panel at the Twig with moderator Becka Oliver and panelists Kelly Grey Carlisle, Tom Payton, Will Evans, and Bryce Milligan


Are you a Texas independent (publisher, journal, bookstore, etc.) interested in participating in future event and/or learning about other opportunities for partnership and promotion? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at wlt@writersleague.org.

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