Community Member Guest Post: ACC Creative Writing

“Taking a creative writing class represented a bit of a risk for me – I hadn’t written much of anything that wasn’t business-related in 25 years – but also a chance to try something new.”

-Summer Rohrict

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The Creative Writing Department at Austin Community College offers a wide variety of creative writing classes, each limited to 15 students. Summer Rohricht is a student of the program, so Department Chair Charlotte Gullick invited her to share her thoughts on what the experience was like for her.

Summer: “About two years ago, I decided to make a priority of exploring some areas of interest that I had largely ignored while I was working full time. I did some research and eventually enrolled in a creative writing class through the Continuing Education Program at Austin Community College.

“Taking a creative writing class represented a bit of a risk for me – I hadn’t written much of anything that wasn’t business-related in 25 years – but also a chance to try something new. It offered me the challenge I wanted but without all the investment and pressure of a master’s program. Basically, the class provided a level of structure but also fit with my lifestyle.

“I did have some concerns, however. Since I was not working toward a degree, I worried that I would be “on the sidelines” – that I would be treated like I was more of an auditor of the class than a “real” student. I was also curious about how my writing skills would calibrate with the other students as I understood there would be a mix of continuing education students and those who were taking the course as a required credit in their Associate or Bachelor degree programs. I also assumed there would be those who were already somewhat accomplished in their craft and others who were just beginning. I wondered if I would be bored – or behind. And, not having a finished body of work, I was basically middle aged and starting from scratch – was that going to be “ok”?

“As it turns out, my worries were unfounded, I have genuinely enjoyed the classes I’ve taken, and my writing continues to improve and evolve. In each of the classes, I found the content – a mix of reading, writing, analysis, critiques, and lecture on the more technical elements of writing – extremely engaging. Even more importantly, I have appreciated how each of my professors was able to create a supportive environment where a diverse group of students felt secure – excited even – to share their work and provide insights and feedback to each other. The instruction in each of the classes was delivered in a manner that seemed to resonate with a variety of learning styles and at a pace that kept the classes interesting but left no one behind. One of the aspects I found particularly engaging was that my professors were willing and able to speak extemporaneously to questions that were off topic but relevant to the class discussion.

“The classes have fulfilled me and fueled my passion for writing. I am genuinely grateful for the experience and so happy I took the risk!”

Thanks, Summer and Charlotte!

For more information about fall courses, click here, and to learn more about enrolling through continuing education, click here. Or you can call or email the department chair, Charlotte Gullick, at 512-913-4479,cgullick@austincc.edu

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