My Publicity Campaign is Finished, Now What?

Successful book promotion stems from effective branding and communication with your audience.
Maintaining relevance after your book is published and the publicity campaign ends is an important way
to continue building your brand and take advantage of the investment you’ve made in your campaign.
If you’re wrapping up a publicity campaign, here’s a few tips to keep your book and expertise relevant
and not let your efforts fade away.

1) Use Google Alerts to Your Advantage

Set up Google Alerts with key words such as your name and book title to keep track of any media hits
that surface after your campaign ends. For example, if your book is creating buzz in your field and media
outlets continue to mention you or your book in articles, you need to catch these as they run. Your
ability to stay keen to the conversation surrounding you or your book is key to maintaining your
relevancy in the long-term. You want to be aware of any articles about or mentions of you post-
campaign to use on your social media and add to your website’s press page.

2) Monitor Social Media Chatter Surrounding Your Topic of Expertise

Use social media tools to keep the conversation going in your field of expertise. Browsing hashtags on
Twitter and Instagram, replying to comment and engaging with trending posts keeps your audience
engaged and aware of your online presence. Your social media is a perfect opportunity to showcase
expertise in your field and attract more potential followers that might be interested in your book well
after it’s been published. Think of social media as a gateway for your audience to learn about your
brand, let them into your ecosystem, build relationships with you and allow that to help sell your book
once they’re hooked on your content.

3) Always be Ready to Jump into the Limelight

It’s not unusual for media outlets to request interviews with authors who are known experts in a
trending, newsworthy topic. Keeping contact with key outlets gives you opportunity to add to the
conversation whenever your topic becomes relevant in the news space. Stay current on events and
chatter happening in the news and be ready to pounce when the opportunity arises. There will always
be a constant ebb and flow to media attention. One’s ability to adapt to the changing tide of
conversation will greatly impact the long-lasting effects of your book’s publicity campaign.

Some final tips include:

•Build a 3-month content calendar for social media
•Review the next 6 months for other PR opportunities and timely tie-ins
•Stay friendly with your local media

There will always be opportunity for authors to continue to build their brand and continue to sell copies
of their book. With these tips, we hope that you take the time to strategically think about how to
leverage your time to maintain relevance in the long-term. Remember that book promotion is a
marathon, not a sprint.

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