Don’t Miss: Join Us at a Write-in This Month

In November, we’re once again creating a virtual space for writers to come together for dedicated writing time.

Whether you’re just getting started on a new writing project or you’re at work editing a first, third, or (insert number here) draft, we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to gather and get ‘er done.

If you’ve never been to one of our write-ins, here’s how they work:

– You’ll show up at the designated time by clicking on the link you’ll receive when you register.
– A WLT staffer or volunteer will be there to welcome you and you’ll have the chance to say hello to the group before getting started.
– Everyone turns off their cameras and their microphones and gets to work.
– You can stay for the entire three hour session or leave early – it’s up to you!
– You can chat in the chat box during the session – a nice way to connect with fellow writers – or you can keep your head down and stay focused. Again, it’s up to you!
– At the end of the session, a chime will sound and we’ll come back together for a few minutes of chatting before we say “goodbye until next time.”
– You come back for the next session. Repeat.

We have ten sessions planned – starting TONIGHT, Monday, November 1, and happening every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the month, ending on Tuesday, November 30 – and we’d love to see you early and often!

To make this as easy as we can for you to join in on the write-in fun, you can RSVP for the individual sessions by clicking on the links below OR you can send an email to to be automatically registered for all ten sessions.

Happy writing!

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