Faulkner Wisdom Writing Competition

Entries are accepted in seven categories: Novel, Novella, Novel-in-Progress, Short Story, Essay, Poetry, and Short Story by a High School Student. All finalists (usually some 15-20 writers deep in each category) are posted on the website. Winners will be notified to attend an awards banquet, November 20th, during the Words & Music Festival in New Orleans

Short Story by a High School Student: Prize, $750, $250 will be awarded to the sponsoring teacher

Poetry: Prize, $750
Essay: Prize, $1,000
Short Story: Prize, $1,500
Novel-in-Progress: Prize, $2,000
Novella: Prize, $2,500
Novel: Prize, $7,500

Manuscript entries must be submitted electronically in word.doc format to faulkhouse@aol.com. More info at

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