Fiction Friday!

To kick off the weekend we’re bringing you a writing prompt that caters to fiction writing. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is getting a good idea in your head, so here at the WLT we’re going to help you get that golden thought and write that bestseller already!

Here’s a really good prompt that you can try: Write a mini-story (100-150 words) that revolves around the first line of “they had nothing to say to each other.” Then, somehow incorporate an awkward situation into your story. It can be anything! Running into an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, sending a text message to the wrong person, dropping a meal in a cafeteria. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

We’ll give you a preview of how this works:

They had nothing to say to each other. After 10 years of not speaking, where would they even begin? It’s not like he was planning on running into her here, at Babies R’ Us, buying toys for his future child. But there she was, in a pink dress, with permed hair and a sunburn. From far away she looked happy, but then again, even when they were together he could never tell.

Happy writing!

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