Final Call: 2010 Eric Hoffer Book Award

Each year independent publishers release extraordinary books to little or no recognition. The Eric Hoffer Book Award recognizes excellence in publishing. A single gives you five ways to win: genre, press, the Montaigne Medal, the da Vince Eye, and the Hoffer grand prize. The least expensive way to promote your book is with point-of-sale award recognition and international press coverage.

Deadline: January 21

Awards and Benefits:

  • $1,500 grand prize, the Eric Hoffer Award for Books
  • Winner of the Montaigne Medal for most thought-provoking books
  • Winner of the da Vinci Eye for best cover
  • Winner and First Runner-Up awarded for every category
  • Honorable Mentions for every category
  • Individual Awards for Micro, Small, and Academic Presses, as well as Self-Published Books
  • Coverage in The US Review of Books, in the annual anthology Best New Writing, and on the Eric Hoffer website
  • Gold Seal Certificates
  • Worldwide Exposure

Why is the Eric Hoffer Award Unique?

  • Low entrance fee ($45)
  • Montaigne Medal (for most thought-provoking book)
  • da Vinci Eye (for superior cover art)
  • Categories in all book genres
  • Legacy categories for any book older than two years
  • Coverage in the US Review of Books
  • Coverage in Best New Writing
  • Recognition with one of America’s premier philosophers, Eric Hoffer

Awards are open to academic, independent, small press, and self-published books that were released or copyrighted in the last 2 years, including unique books with small print runs.

Go to the Eric Hoffer Award website for more details.

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