Footnotes: February 2023

Hello, writers,

Around mid-December last year, when I was thinking about how best I could be kind to myself during the holiday break, I came upon an article about a cake. Not just any cake, a cake that a famous actor (arguably, the most famous actor) sends to his long list of friends every year. This cake, if you believe the hype, is amazing. Some people say it’s the greatest cake they’ve ever tasted (and they follow that with “I have tasted a lot of cake.”) So I decided to order one for Christmas, a kindness to myself. Of course, everyone else and their uncle had the same thought and the cake was on backorder until February.

Yes, February. That cake is arriving in a few days and, as I look ahead at the month and everything you’re going to read about below, I think to myself “If there was ever a month worth waiting for to enjoy the greatest cake Kirsten Dunst* has ever tasted, it’s this month.” Seriously.

From the One Page Salon (where you can ask me in person about the cake!) to Third Thursday (Gabino Iglesias, Elizabeth McCracken, and ire’ne lara silva talking about what inspires them – what??!!), to the launch of our Spring 2023 online classes (come on spring, start springing, please), to THE KICK-OFF OF OUR BIGGEST PROGRAM EVER – the 2023 Agents Symposium.

This month is going to be big. This month is going to be fun. This month deserves cake. (And so do we all.)



Becka Oliver

Executive Director

*I can’t say for sure this is true, but I believe it is.

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