Fredericksburg Writers Conference

“We put together this conference to help talented writers find an audience and a publisher for their works.”

-Mara Fox

The Fredericksburg Writers Conference, coming up next week – Friday and Saturday, November 2 & 3, at the Hill Country University Center in Fredericksburg, Texas – offers two days of programming for writers in the area who are ready to explore their publishing options. If you’re wondering what the event has in store, here are some highlights from a conversation with Robert Demming and Mara Fox, facilitated by WLT board member (and Fredericksburg-based writer) Marc Hess.

WLT: First things first, what made you decide to host this conference?

Mara Fox: You, as a writer, have choices on how to turn your finished manuscript into a successfully published book. We put together this conference to help talented writers in Fredericksburg find an audience and a publisher for their works. If you are pursuing a route into traditional big-house publishing, you’ll be able to pitch your work to an established literary agent. Or you can learn the tricks that will make your self-published book successful. You can learn from both and choose the path that works best for your story.

WLT: This sounds great. Who will be coming to the event?

Robert Demming: A big problem you face as a writer is finding someone to publish your work. And, like Mara said, there are many directions you can go. To help you choose the path that’s right for you we’re bringing in Jeannie Loiacono, of Loiacono Literary Agency. She is a talented literary agent who specializes in helping first-time authors. You will be able to talk to her directly about the book you are working to get published.

MF: For those of you considering self-publishing we have speaker Eva Pohler, PhD, former professor at UTSA, self-published author, sharing her expertise on “The Road to Successful Self-Publishing.”

RD: Eva is also delivering a keynote address titled “Shameless Self-Promotion.”

WLT: Oh, that should be good. I’ve got to catch that one.

MF: We also have Tom Hutton, MD, award winning author of Carrying the Black Bag,  leading a session on “The Road to Publication at a University Press.”

RD: And the Cooks; newspaper publisher Ken Cook will be here with his wife, author Christina Granados, discussing “Writing for Newspapers and Magazines.”

WLT: That is a big day. And who is the audience that you would like to attract?

MF: Simply said: anybody who is writing anything.

For more specific information and to register go to https://fbgwriters.yolasite.com/ or contact Sally Clark sally@sallyclark.info  Follow the conference on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fredericksburg-Writers-Conference-150074461819386

Thank you to Marc, Mara, and Robert!

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