Friday Filler: Book News

These stories all caught my eye the last couple of weeks. So without further ado… read on!

— Cyndi Hughes

Figment for the Young Imagination: Figment hopes to do for teenage fiction writers what Facebook does for everyone else. It’s designed to be a writing community where young writers (13 and up) can post their work and share it — or not — with their friends or the entire Figment community. Readers can also browse and discover new fiction, Anything that encourages young people writing is FINE by me! Check Figment out!

Finally, a Reason to Root for Google: Google’s entering the e-book sales market doesn’t exactly make me do a Herkie jump and wave my pompons, but here’s what does: Google is offering independent bookstores a way to sell e-books — and actually make some money! Up until now, most indies have been cut out of the e-book market, but this just might work. So go visit your favorite indie store and order some e-books for the holidays!

Romance Steams Up e-Book Sales: We always knew romance was one hot genre,. Now it’s topping the charts in e-book sales! Read all about it in the New York Times: “Lusty Tales and Hot Sales: Romance E-Books Thrive.”

First Amendment, Censorship, & WikiLeaks: Columbia University first banned students from tweeting or writing about the latest WikieLeaks posts then reversed the ruling. Professor Gary Sick used them in his class and gave this fascinating interview to PRI’s The World. An intriguing journalistic/academic quandary.

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