Friday Filler: Nov. 12 Edition

This week we seem to be bigger on resources than anything else, so here goes!

National Novel Writing Month: For those of you who are obsessed with carving out writing time and counting words for NaNoWriMo (count me in on that!), take a laugh break with Fake NaNoWriMo Tips on Twitter (@FakeNNWMTips). My current favorites:

  • “Only NaNoWriMo Premium Subscribers may count “the” and “a” as words. Upgrade your membership today!”
  • “If you put a gun in the first half of your book, it should go off in the second half. Or turn out to be a vampire gun.”

Save the Words: If you love words, this one’s for you! NPR did a great piece this week, “Website Helps Rescue Obscure Words.” Give it a listen, the go to Save the Words and adopt a word (better yet, pick a word and work it into your next book or story!). Mine is “magophony,” and I’m think I know just how to incorporate that into my NaNoWriMo book!

LibraryThing for Authors: LibraryThing is more than just  a site for cataloging your books, reading reviews, or connecting with other readers. It also lists events — so that can come in handy for writers who want to get the word out about their upcoming appearances AND for anyone looking for book events in their area — look under the “Local” tab. (Yes, the WLT just signed up, so we’ll be posting our events there too!).

Elmore Leonard’s Rules: Finally, here’s an oldie but goody from author Elmore Leonard — his 10 rules for writing fiction. Tell us what you think. And if you stumble across other authors with their own rules, please share them here!


Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards

Prizes: Winner receives $500, a  trip to the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City, & more. Runners-up receive cash prizes & gift certificates.

Deadline: Dec. 15

Guidelines: Click here

Posted by Cyndi Hughes

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