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Our 2024 Fellows​

Kristina Castillo (writing as Nina Castle)
WLT 2024 Fellow

Kristina Castillo is a writer in Richmond, Texas.

“I read a book once that said acting in our giftings and desires is a form of worship. For me, writing is my greatest desire. However, it’s also my greatest test of faith. There’s no objective way to measure writing ability, and the more I learn about craft, the more I realize how much I still have to learn. In truth, no matter how amazing I know the Fellowship will be, I see it as a step along the journey of continual learning—a step I can’t wait to take!”

Cari Castillo De La O
WLT 2024 Bess Whitehead Scott Creative Writing Fellow

Cari Castillo De La O is a writer in Katy, Texas.

“I’ve been on my writer’s journey for several decades now, but hitting 50 years old has created an impetus to get my work out into the world, and this fellowship means a helping hand to reach my ultimate destination of being a published author.”

About the Bess Whitehead Scott Fellowship: Formerly a scholarship, the Bess Whitehead Scott Fellowship is awarded to one writer over the age of 40 every year, selected from the pool of fellowship applicants, who we believe embodies the spirit of Bess Whitehead Scott, a Texas writer, a friend of the WLT, and a trailblazer who served as inspiration to so many. You can learn more about Bess and her legacy here.

Elizabeth Hamilton
WLT 2024 Fellow

Elizabeth Hamilton is a writer in Waco, Texas.

“Writing is my attempt to create and discern a kind of meaning in the midst of suffering. It is a way I have sought fresh language for communicating about illness. And it is an offering of grounded encouragement to readers who may find themselves in similar situations.”

Petula Miller
WLT 2024 Fellow

Petula Miller is a writer in New Braunfels, Texas.

“I feel compelled to write grounded genre fiction that dives into gritty universals like power dynamics and the dark side of humanity, sandwiched between banter, mythological creatures, or cool gadgets. I write optimistic, expansive stories that I hope allow readers to feel seen and powerful, where they can find themselves in the characters but lose themselves in the world.”

Nataly Sauceda
WLT 2024 Fellow

Nataly Sauceda is a writer in Austin, Texas.

“My writing focuses on themes of family, loss, trauma, and recovery. Through my work, I hope to build connection and empathy to create a more compassionate world.”