Inspiration: Cecilia Ward Jones

We’d like to congratulate WLT member, Cecilia Ward Jones, on her publication in P&W and the ripple of inspiration she’s created. And if you haven’t done so already, pick up an issue of P&W’s “Inspiration.”

Bella Just a Hobby
Inspired by Celia Ward Jones' "Why We Write" in the current P&W "Inspiration" issue.

“Bo’s Café Life” is a comic strip about the writer’s life. Bo is an aspiring novelist who spends his time in a café writing and talking to other writers who are also on the quest to get a book deal. It has an ensemble cast of diverse characters – ranging from a Chinese aspiring novelist to a Bollywood screenwriter – and they use humor to expose the highs and lows of being writers. It is a funny but honest look at the writing life.

Like what you see? Click here to see more of “Bo’s Café Life.”

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