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An Interview with Jodi Egerton

Jodi Egerton offers workshops, editing, writing, and mentoring services as Write Good Consulting. She also works as a performer, and can be found on stages around Austin performing improv comedy and emceeing fundraisers for schools and non-profits.
In her class, “An Improv Artist’s Tips for Novelists: Letting Your Story Surprise You,” Jodi will introduce new ways to approach the page and imagine your stories using the essential tools of improv and performance. For details, visit the event’s page here.
What is the most valuable thing improv has taught you about storytelling?

Jodi Egerton: There are so many ways to tell a story. The first way out of your brain is not necessarily the most compelling. Keep exploring your story–look at it from fresh angles, from odd perspectives, infuse it with secrets and mysteries and emotions, and watch what emerges!Jodi Egerton

Looking ahead to your upcoming class, what’s one tip for writers who are stuck or looking for new ideas?
JE: Stop thinking. Seriously. Give your brain a break and do something other than think about your project. I love fast-paced word association. Don’t edit, don’t overthink, just create a stream of words. Then look for connections among them, or vast extremes. Use them as the basis for freewriting–again with no boundaries, no editing. Just write. If you’ve been stuck, this might offer you a way out you hadn’t expected. If you’re searching for new ideas, this might spark some creative magic!
Have you been surprised by your writing – or any other creative endeavor – recently?
JE: I love when creative endeavors surprise me! My favorite is my fun side project, Typewriter Rodeo. We create custom poetry on vintage typewriters. You can ask us for a poem about anything–your mom, the sunset, a robot mongoose who’s attacking a small forest full of lemurs–and we’ll craft you a poem on the spot. This started as a brainstorm for Austin Mini Maker Faire, and has turned into a sweet small business! We’ve typed thousands of poems in the last year, each one unique.

Thanks, Jodi!

Online registration for Jodi’s class closes at the end of today, Thursday, April 24. Starting tomorrow, tickets will be available at the door at a walk-up rate. For inquiries, please call the WLT office at  512-499-8914.

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