JOIN US MARCH 25: “The Ins and Outs of Approaching Agents” with Literary Agent Eric Smith

Hello, writers,

Last month’s Agents Symposium kick-off was pretty freaking terrific, earning rave reviews from our attendees:

“I appreciated the clear presentation, learned a ton, and plan to go back and watch it again (and again). A fantastic (and encouraging) start to the program.”

“Wow!! It was chock-full of valuable information.”

“The first session was quite great. What I liked about it most is it made me (reflect) on my quest to move forward with an agent and my responsibility along this line.”

“What a great way to kick off the series.”

Next Saturday, March 25, we’re back with the second program in the 2023 Agents Symposium line-up, “The Ins and Outs of Approaching Agents” with Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

This time around, we’re focusing on the many ways you might connect with the gatekeepers of publishing – literary agents – and what you should be thinking about when you’re compiling your list and crafting your query letter. I’m especially excited for this session because our guest presenter wears two hats when it comes to the publishing business – Eric is both a successful agent and a published author. He’s truly been there and done that and has a unique perspective to share.

We did an interview with Eric for our blog, you can read it here. I’m guessing many of you may be especially heartened by this line: “I don’t really care about platform, social media, any of that stuff, though sure, it’s nice when that is there. All I look for is a good story and an author who I get along with, who is excited to get their work out there.”

He also says, “Focus on what you can control, focus on your journey.” For those of you who have already registered for the Agents Symposium, you’ve taken that step by committing to this program and choosing to focus on this journey.

If you haven’t yet signed up, I hope you’ll join us for next Saturday’s event and for the next one and the next one.

Here’s to the journey.

Becka Oliver
Executive Director

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