Letters from the Program Director: How Can You Give Your Characters a Life of Their Own?

Hello writers,

For many of us, our characters are the heart of our stories. We spend a lot of time trying to understand them because we want them to be fully realized. No one wants to hear that their main character is unrealistic or one-dimensional. In fact, I think most of us want our readers to love our characters (or at least feel something towards them) and we want them to want to spend time with our characters and in the worlds we create, but this isn’t always easy to accomplish.

While every character and every story will be different, the key to creating authentic characters starts with understanding that everything they do (or don’t do) should mean something or accomplish something for your story. But how do you get to know your characters well enough to know what choices they will make? How do you decide what choices they need to make that will help move the plot forward and keep readers engaged?

If you’re thinking about these questions and you’re hoping to create compelling characters who can help you write your story, we’ve got the class for you. Join John Pipkin on Saturday, February 19 for “Creating Authentic Characters in Fiction” and you’ll walk away with strategies for creating rich and authentic characters in your fiction.

All the best,
Sam Babiak
Program Director

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