Letters from the Program Director: Keep the Tension High

Hello Writers,

It’s a rare and wonderful feeling when you look up and realize hours have gone by unnoticed, because you’ve been fully absorbed in the world of a book. Can you remember the last time you couldn’t put a book down? What was it that kept you hooked, furiously turning page after page? The answer, of course, is tension. We feel tension in our bodies as well as our minds, and the craving for release has us tearing through a story towards a resolution (if there is one!). We arrive at the last page practically breathless, and if you’re like me, paradoxically a bit sad for the feeling of suspension to have ended.

No genre is better at the art of tension than horror. And this Saturday’s class “Crafting Great Horror: Eliciting Dread, Disgust, and Terror” with the beloved horror writer and podcast creator Tonia Ransom promises to reveal precisely how our spookiest of genres hooks and holds its readers from the opening line to the last.

As Tonia so poignantly put it in her instructor interview, “We can learn to write beautifully, but if we don’t know how to captivate our audience, we’ve failed as storytellers.” So, whether you’ve been writing scary stories for some time or you’re simply curious about dabbling with darker elements, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an “utterly gripping” and “page-turning” author how to infuse your own writing with the stuff of great horror.

Registration closes tomorrow!

Sarah Renee Beach
Program Director

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