Letters from the Program Director: Tell Your Story in a Way that Resonates

Hello writers,

We all carry countless stories inside of us and many of us have the impulse to turn them into art. But not every story we have makes for a good piece of literature. In order to figure out if something might work, there are important questions you should be asking yourself. Can you look at your life and connect the dots of your experiences to create a narrative that readers can follow? Can you find a way to create meaning out of this story? Once you do that, will it resonate with readers? And if you’re writing an essay, can you do all of this in a couple thousand words or less?

When put like that it’s easy to see why writing a personal essay, or anything from personal experience, can be really difficult, but writers have been turning their experiences into art since the beginning of time and there are models and strategies out there to help you tell your personal stories too.

That’s why we’re excited to offer the class “Memoir in Miniature: The Art of the Personal Essay” with M.M. Adjarian on Saturday, February 26. If you’re writing memoir or personal essays and you want to learn how to turn your personal experiences into literature that will leave readers wanting more, this class is for you.

All the best,
Sam Babiak
Program Director

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