Letters from the Program Director: What Comes After Publication?

Hello, writers!

When we talk about the business of publishing, we focus a lot of our conversations on getting a foot in the door. Whether that be through the agent search or perfecting your pitch to editors, it’s all about getting that first yes. But what comes after the book deal? What is the writer’s job moving forward? Well, marketing and publicity is a huge part of it, but that can be pretty daunting for a lot of us.

That’s why we’re excited to be offering the class “What Authors Need to Know: Marketing and Publicizing Your Book” with Katharine Duckett on Wednesday, March 23. If you’re interested in learning more about working with publishers to promote and market your work or you’re interested in self-publishing and want to create a tool box for promoting your work independently, this class is for you.

All the best,
Sam Babiak
Program Director

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