Letters from the Program Director: What Do You Write About?

Hello Writers,

As writers, we’re often on the receiving end of the question, What do you write about? I’ll never forget the first time I fielded this question from a stranger, and how surprised I was at my inability to answer it. It’s a seemingly simple question until you really think about it. Lingering in the subtext are a whole host of related questions, including: Why do you write? and What do you have to say?

In Wednesday’s class What’s Your Story About? Theme, Story, and Structure,” Greg Garrett will reveal why the answer to this question is an important one to know, how to find it, and what knowing can do to elevate your writing.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to hone in on the heart of your writing projects and to tell the stories only you are capable of telling.

This is your last chance!
Sarah Renee Beach
Program Director

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