Marketing & Publicity: A Writing Prompt from Katharine Duckett


The instructors at the WLT teach classes for writers looking to improve their craft and learn about the publishing industry and they generously provide writing prompts to help you get your creative juices flowing. 

On Wednesday, March 23rd, Katharine Duckett is teaching a class for the WLT called “What Authors Need to Know: Marketing and Publicizing Your Book.” In this class you’ll learn how to promote your book and which marketing and publicity tools work best for you.

Check out Katharine’s featured writing prompt:

Often an author’s success doesn’t rely on huge marketing budgets or high-profile events, but on the champions of their work—the educators, librarians, reviewers, and booksellers who love their books and hand-sell them to other readers. These champions can help your books get nominated for industry lists and awards, continue moving copies long after your initial release date, and build a devoted fanbase for your future work. Their passionate investment in your career can also attract attention from your publisher, leading them to put more time and resources toward your release. And if you’re an indie author, these champions are your most important readers: they act as a vocal and enthusiastic publicity team, extending the reach of your work and reducing the amount of time, energy, and money you have to put toward marketing.

Describe your ideal champion: their reading habits, the publications and social media accounts they follow, and the platforms they use to spread the word about books they enjoy. Where would they learn about your book? Does the library near you often create displays featuring just the kind of books you write? Does your hometown bookstore make a point of promoting and seeking out the work of local authors? Have you noticed a prominent book blogger lamenting the lack of exactly the kind of genre mash-up you’re currently writing? Write a detailed portrait of the person who would love your work so much that they can’t wait to tell everyone they know about your book, and list three strategies for how you can reach out to this champion and readers like them.

If you liked this prompt and are looking to learn more about marketing techniques to help promote your book, don’t forget to register for Katharine’s class “What Authors Need to Know: Marketing and Publicizing Your Book” on March 23rd, 2022.

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