Master Class: Character in Fiction and Nonfiction

Successful Characterization with Tracy Daugherty

Tracy Daugherty

1 – 5 p.m. Friday, October 30
at the Writers’ League office
611 S. Congress Ave., Suite 130
$99 members / $159 nonmembers

One way to think about successful characterization in either fiction or nonfiction is to say that characters work best when they match the narrative situation. That is, in the short-hand that is literary craft, everything they do illustrates their core qualities and values. Within the narrative parameters you have established, everything about the character’s nature is clear to the reader.

Instructor and  acclaimed author Tracy Daugherty will help explore strategies for creating successful characters in a narrative, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Together the class will write and share work and ideas, and the instructor will provide published examples of characterization. The class will be in a lecture/discussion format.

Students will learn:

  • a firm concept of characterization
  • a sense of effective dialogue in fiction and nonfiction
  • an understanding of tone, as it relates to characterization
  • strategies for developing narrative situations that effectively illustrate character
  • an understanding of how to build story from character, rather than the other way around

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