Meet the Board Members: Heather Barboza

“Read this book and you’ll light up my world. Don’t read it, your ass is fried. Keep me in the dark.“

— Heather Barboza

A member of the Writers’ League since 2014, Heather lives in Austin, TX.

Scribe: Welcome, writer! Tell us — what do you write?

Heather Barboza: I mainly write for truth, in many formats. Non fiction, poetry, picture books, and spooky fiction all hold my pen to paper varying on the story itself. In my experience, a story will reveal to you the genre it wants to be told in.

Scribe: How did you come to join the WLT?

HB: Writing and a long term cacao research project were the core of my life at the time. I was seeking to learn more about the publishing industry and craft of writing, and stumbled upon a Third Thursday event at Book People (now in podcast form) hosted by WLT. Wildly impressed by the quality and accessibility of this free event, I just kept coming back, and joined to take classes.

Scribe: If you could choose one author to blurb your book, who would it be, and what would you want it to say?

HB: Valeria Luiselli. In her words, I would want it to say that it helped to raise the voices of those who are not in a position to use their own. It wouldn’t hurt either if she said it’s the kind of book that keeps you coming back to read it again and again.

Scribe: You have one book you’re allowed to push onto all of your friends, and they’re forced to read it to remain your friend — which one would you choose?

HB: I love this question. Don’t even send me a meme until you’ve read At the Lightning Field by Laura Raicovich. It is a short collection of personal essays about Laura’s visits to Walter De Maria’s “Lightning Field”, an art installation consisting of 400 stainless steel poles, placed 220 feet apart, in the desert of central New Mexico. Laura’s documents of change through space, time, and light may or may not be similar to what happens with my friendships. Read this book and you’ll light up my world. Don’t read it, your ass is fried. Keep me in the dark. But still— no memes. This is the book I choose to weed out my true friends because it is a place on my bucket list that others are unlikely to visit with me. You cannot travel to this place easily. For safety you cannot take photos. You can only experience it in person. Or in the written experiences of others. I plan to draw postcards. You’ll only get one if you read the book.

Scribe: What made you join the board?

HB: The kind and hardworking people. Most of whom I’d met in a class or by volunteering. Volunteering is one of my ways to find out if I feel ethical supporting an organization. You will learn and see so much. Many WLT events taught me how much fun this community can be. It only makes you want to help out in some way. The amount of work that goes on to run the organization is tremendous. The staff is incredible. I was surprised when I was approached to join the Board. Initially I wanted to continue to be of service, and experience the non-profit world in a behind the scenes way.

Scribe: Here at the WLT, we love sharing book recommendations. What’s one book that has come out within the past few years that you couldn’t put down? (Bonus points if the book is Texas related!)

HB: The Rock From The Sky by John Klassen. This is a brilliant picture book I often re-read with my husband and son. It brings laughter to us in unexpected moments. Gems like this keep me a kid at heart, and help me to appreciate the little things. Pretty much anything else I’ve read lately is not from the past year, but an ever growing pile of books I bought and never finished.

Scribe: Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with the world? An opportunity for blatant self-promotion!

HB: Yoga is something that has helped me write when I feel stuck. If you’d like to practice yoga with me for free join me in person or on YouTube. *These offerings change monthly so please find me on social media to verify the future schedule and any other classes or locations. Donations optional by cash or Venmo.

YouTube: Moth and Moon Yoga
I mainly offer yin yoga (deep stretches for deep rest, full body release, stress relief, and emotional clearing) all ground based postures held 2-10 minutes)

Scribe: Where can our readers find more of you?

HB: Instagram: @mothandmoonyoga @huntingforchocolate Facebook: Heather Barboza

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