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Lareatha Clay has been a member of the Writers’ League since last November. She lives in Dallas, Texas.
Scribe: In what genre(s) do you write? 
Lareatha Clay: Fiction. My protagonists are usually female.
Scribe: What authors would you like to have coffee or a beer with and which beverage? 
LC: An Old-fashioned with Mark Twain; Pinot Noir with Toni Morrison; Warm tea with Ralph Ellison
Scribe: What have you learned from your association with the Writers’ League? 
LC: Ways to “hook” into the Texas and Dallas writing communities, and the openness and helpfulness of each.
Scribe: Where do you see your writing taking you (or you taking it) in the future? 
LC: I want to take my first novel to its best state, with the hope of publishing it, then complete a second novel that I have the basic outline (and first couple of pages) for. Ultimately, my goal is that when a person asks me “What do you do?” my unequivocal answer will be “I’m a writer.”
Scribe: Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with the world? An opportunity for blatant self-promotion! 
LC: I am the organizer of the Texas Purple Hull Pea Festival – a celebration of the intersection of food and history each June. The festival includes a symposium which highlights presentations by writers who delve in these areas, including Toni Tipton Martin (The Jemima Code) and Nola McKey (From Teacakes to Tamales: Third Generation Texas Recipes). The 2016 Festival will be on June 25. Click here for more information.

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