Joe Snoe joined Writers’ League in January of this year and will be attending the Agents & Editors Conference in June. He makes his home in Homewood, Alabama.
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Scribe: In what genre(s) do you write?
Joe Snoe: I submitted my novel’s first 2,500 words in the Manuscript Contest in the Thriller/Action-Adventure category, so that’s my current genre. I have published two books aimed at students. That should qualify for the technical or nonfiction genres.
Scribe: What authors would you like to have coffee or a beer with and which beverage?
JS: I don’t drink coffee, so it’s beer by default. John Grisham – We have similar backgrounds and some common acquaintances.  We share an interest in Brazil nature areas: He’s the Pantanal and I the Amazon. We both are big baseball fans. Dean Koontz – I heard him being interviewed, and it was like our approach to life was the same. Neil Gaiman – Issue 22 of Sandman inspired me to write my novel. It would be an awkward meeting. I doubt we have anything in common. Mary Higgins Clark – I enjoy her books. I would love to hear her talk about almost any subject.
Scribe: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what book would you want to have with you to keep you sane?
JS: If really long stay, The Bible because of its length, variety, and insights. If only a few months, The Complete Sherlock Holmes. If only a day or two, Treasure Island.
Scribe: What have you learned from your association with the Writers’ League?
JS: That the WLT people who answer emails are really nice.
Scribe: Where do you see your writing taking you (or you taking it) in the future?
JS: Immediate future: To prove I can write a novel people will enjoy reading. Long term: And another and another and another.
Scribe: Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with the world? 
JS: I was born in Texas. I have two degrees from UT. Most of my limited success in life can be traced to my writing ability. I’ve published two books targeted to law students (a casebook on Health Care that is out of print; and a co-authored book on Property that has done well and for which I have agreed to finish the fifth edition by March 2015). I have been on a steep learning curve in the frightening world of novel-writing and publishing for the past two years.

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