Meet the Members: Pamela Camosy

“My writing honors my patients and allows me to tell our shared stories while expressing gratitude for the privilege of caring for them.”

-Pamela Camosy

A member of the Writers’ League for nearly two years, Pamela Camosy lives in Garden Ridge, Texas.

Scribe: In what genre(s) do you write?

Pamela Camosy: Memoir and narrative medicine.

Scribe: What author would you most like to have a drink with, and what’s the first question you would ask them? 

PC: Frank Slaughter, a physician who wrote elegant historical fiction in prolific fashion. His Road to Bithynia, the story of the Biblical physician Luke, got me hooked on his books decades ago. When Dr. Slaughter and I meet in heaven over a cup of tea, I plan to ask him how he was able to research his subjects and write dozens of engaging books while maintaining a busy surgical practice.

Scribe: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what book would you want to have with you to keep you sane?

PC: My trusty The Norton Anthology of English Literature. I bought it in college and later grew to love it when, in my mother’s waning years, she asked me to read it aloud to her.

Scribe: What have you learned from your association with the Writers’ League? 

PC: The value of the counsel of experienced successful writers to those of us who are beginning our journey. WLT’s annual Agents & Editors Conference provided me with meaningful feedback that I used in revising my work.

Scribe: Where do you see your writing taking you (or you taking it) in the future? 

PC: Looking back with a writer’s eye on my decades a family physician, I see a path forward in narrative medicine. My writing honors my patients and allows me to tell our shared stories while expressing gratitude for the privilege of caring for them.

Scribe: Here at the Writers’ League, we love sharing book recommendations. What’s one Texas-related book that has come out within the past year that you couldn’t put down?

PC: The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward. The author describes the people and places of our state capital as only an Austinite could, focusing on a kind-hearted young woman finding her place in life. At the same time, a teenage girl in Honduras is struggling to get to Texas and endures brutal impediments along the way. Amanda’s well-crafted tale demonstrates strength of spirit that I find inspiring.

Scribe: Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with the world? An opportunity for blatant self-promotion!

PC: I invite readers to join me in the pages of my new book, Healer’s Heart: A Family Physician’s Stories of the Heart & Art of Medicine.The book is a tribute to the healing power that lies within all of us, physicians and non-physicians alike, and is available through Amazon in print and e-book.

Thanks, Pamela!

If you’re a Writers’ League member and you’d be interested in being interviewed for our Meet the Members feature, email us at member@writersleague.org for more information. It’s a great way for other members to get to know you and for you to share a bit about what you’re working on!

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