by Tricia Fields
Published in 2014 by Minotaur Books.
Reviewed by L.S. Miller 
If you’ve never been to far West Texas, it isn’t easy to understand the wide open loneliness of the geography, or more accurately, to depict the flavor of a landscape that to most people could easily be considered alien. But Tricia Fields not only captures the elemental beauty of the border-land between Texas and Mexico in her most recent novel Wrecked,  (the narrow snake of the Rio Grand is the only separation between two countries and two cultures), she also captures the essence of the people who choose to live there.
Her main character is Police Chief, Josie Gray, who is as tough as the land she resides in, but is also every bit a woman. When Josie’s lover is kidnapped, she has a range of emotions from tears to fear to rage but she must put aside her feelings and concentrate on how to get him back from the drug cartel that’s taken him in retaliation for something that he was not even party to, but that they believe Josie might rectify for them – and recover their stolen nine million dollars.
Tricia Fields is a good writer and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to read everything else she’s written after you read Wrecked. I do.
L. S. Miller is a Pennsylvania native and the author of the Pinnacle Award winning novel, A Death in Our FamilyHe is a graduate of the University of Delaware and has worked around the United States as a roofer, carpenter, architect, and construction executive. Miller now lives in the Texas Hill Country.

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