by Bennett Easton
Published in 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing.
The Contest
Reviewed by Kirsche Romo.
If you had billions of dollars at your disposal, what would you buy?
Minerva Bennett is head of a non-profit foundation which grants billions of dollars each year to worthy organizations. But after years of donations and watching humanity’s condition deteriorate every year, she decides she should do more with her money. She will sponsor a global contest to change the world for the better – to address current dangers to humanity.
The contest Minerva creates will include one-thousand teams from across the globe, from high-tech cities to third-world villages.  Their mission is to determine what will save the world, ultimately producing a manifesto outlining a plan to address and eliminate dangers to the human race.
Once I read the book’s description, I was immediately hooked – what an awesome plot. There was also some intrigue and murder-for-hire built-in as well, as of course not everyone is wildly supportive of Minerva’s efforts.
The prose of The Contest is well written. All in all, The Contest gave me a thoughtful idea to consider.  What would happen if a small group of people could figure out how to save the world?
K.L. Romo is a member of the Writers’ League of Texas who lives with her family in Duncanville, Texas. She is currently querying agents to represent her newly completed novel – From Grace I Fall – about an empty-nester who’s suddenly transported back to 1907 Dallas, seeing the world through her prior incarnation, a reformed prostitute who is determined to seek justice for other women forced to sell their bodies. You can visit her here

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