“Monday” Writing Prompt #6

Due to a low number of submissions, the prompt below will be open until Monday, November 17, at 10:00m a.m.

Get your creative juices flowing with a weekly short essay prompt:

Start your story with, “It did not turn out the way I thought it would…”

Email your 300 – 500 word short essay to me by 10: 00 a.m. on Monday, November 10, and I’ll post my favorite with next Monday’s writing prompt!


Thank you to all the entries in last week’s Monday Writing Prompt! You can read last week’s favorite by Shannon Barrington below:

Alma wanted nothing more than to tell him how she really felt about him before he died. She held the gun steady while she looked for the words.

She looked around the room she had deemed “hell”. Everything was perfect. Not a dust speck in sight. No dirt on the floor. Not even a loose hair from the dog could be spotted in the foyer. Martha Stewart had nothing on the décor. It was exactly the same set-up as last month’s cover of The World of Interiors. Even the white roses on the table were arranged in such a way that each petal was in perfect proportion to the other.

Below her feet, the gleaming white marble tiles shone like the sun and blended in with the lustrous mother-of-pearl banister. The expensive white pine -wood on the stairs was polished daily and looked new. Above her, the crystal chandelier dazzled the eyes with over 100 bulbs. Even the walls shone. They were painted snow-white with a white trim and molding.

To her right, she could see her reflection in the silver mirror. Standing at 5’, she seemed so out of place. Dark skin the color of molasses and her long black hair seemed to scream her presence in the opulent white room.

Looking back at him now, she saw his fear. It almost made her laugh. There he stood. All 6’5” of him. Shock white hair, white shirt and suit. Freshly polished white leather loafers on his feet. But his face, oh, his face. Finally his wildest dream had come true. Everything about him was white. The color of his skin had paled to almost translucent. It was too bad he couldn’t see himself. Oh how much he would have loved that!

Finally she spoke. As she pulled the trigger, Alma finally told him exactly what she’d wanted to say for years. “I’m NOT cleaning this up.”

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