Parent:Wise Calls for Essays & Poetry

Deadline: April 1, 2010
Cost for essays: $50
Cost for poems: $25

Parent:Wise magazine is searching for all types of essays and poetry about motherhood or fatherhood to publish in their May and June issues.

They publishe two all-essay and poetry issues: May for Mothers’ Day and June for Fathers’ Day. These are their most popular issues of the year.

They are very open about the kinds of essays and poetry they accept and publish: serious, humorous, controversial — it’s all welcome. The only requirement is that it have something to do with the motherhood or fatherhood experience.

Parent:Wise is an award-winning, mother-owned journal for parents. They publish 32,000 copies per month, which are freely distributed at more than 550 locations throughout Central Texas.

Interested? Contact Kim Pleticha here.

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